Book Reviews

Book Reviews are one of the most interesting ways to select a book in English. Book Reviews can be found on websites, magazines and newspapers that deal with books.

These sources publish book reviews as a few paragraphs or articles and in other in-depth and detailed forms. Sometimes book reviews contain opinions and a personal or political professional literary analysis.There are many sources through which to read book reviews, especially book reviews in English:

  • On line bookstores offer readers book reviews under each title they sell. Major bookstores such as Amazon, Book Depository and BetterWorldBooks have large selections of books in English as well as readers. Therefore their book reviews will be the most reliable and up-to-date representation of widest public opinion.

  • Book review sections in newspapers and magazines: The advantage of the book review sections in newspapers and magazines is in the focus and professionalism of the source, as the common book review is usually written by most professional journalists in the field. On the other hand, the obvious disadvantage is that they focus mostly on new books and books that may not be favorable in the eyes of a wide readership. This is mainly due to the critical approach generally expressed by these sources. Vintage book reviews can be found in the Book Review section of The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Book Review blogs and sites that specialize in  book review indexes around the web:  Fresh and interesting book reviews can be found on websites and blogs that specialize in book reviews. The biggest advantage in these sources is based on the large concentration of titles audited and in the innovative perspective that accompanies these reviews. These sites sometimes contain plot summaries. Interesting websites with special book reviews are:,, to name but a few.

Interesting academic articles seek to compare the quality of different reviews. These are published from time to time and accessible throughout the web. Oneinteresting articles seek to compare the difference in quality of book reviews in professional sources such as magazines and newspapers and book reviews that are being published in the online bookstores. This interesting article can be found in the book section of the Daily BEAST magazine.