Books in English- Everything you wanted to know about ordering books online

Books in English- Everything you wanted to know about ordering books online

Books in English – is this your passion?

How many times have you looked for books in English on the shelves of a bookstore and haven’t found what you were looking for?

In the Western world, there is a vast number of books in English being written and published, and therefore added to the tremendous collection we already know and love. As Israelis, we enjoy reading books in English in order to improve our English, for professional needs (e.g as an engineer or a tour guide), or for pure leisure.

Unfortunately, as you probably know, the local bookstores do not succeed to deliver this variety of new books in English to us here in Israel. In addition, import and translation of English books into Hebrew can take a long time, and the books arrive much later to the Israeli bookshelf.

Try to look for books in English in this search engine (more than 2.2 million titles!):

Based on this, the quickest and easiest way to buy books in English, classic and new alike, is online, through the World Wide Web. Not only is this extremely easy, simple and much cheaper, but also buying books in English online will open the door to millions of books, that you couldn’t gain access to before. So beyond the efficiency of ordering books in English online, this new opportunity itself of a vast variety at your fingertips, is a wonderful experience.

There is absolutely no reason to be apprehensive about purchasing books in English online. This has been tried and proven. The packages arrive swiftly, and wrapped carefully to your nearest post office, and usually with no additional delivery fees whatsoever.

Let's sum up the advantages:

  • A vast variety of books in English, that never arrive to Israel
  • Much cheaper to buy books in English online, than at the Israeli bookstores
  • Secure and convenient payment through Credit Card or Paypal.
  • Quick delivery. The books in English arrive at your local post office, usually within only one week.
  • Complementary products, such as EBook Readers can be found at online bookstores, to enhance your reading experience.
  • A great buying experience. Browse through millions of books in English at your leisure.
  • Some online bookstores donate part of the revenue to charities and other causes.

On this website, we have collected for your convenience, the most popular English Bestsellers lists, from the leading magazines and bookstores. Through these lists, you will be able to stay up-to-date on the latest and most popular books published lately.

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